Cobrey shipyard

Cobrey Yachts specializes in the production of luxury boats and yachts since 2004. Over the years Cobrey focuses on manufacturing luxury boats and yachts. We investing in design, quality and excellent buoyancy units.

The main objective of Cobrey shipyard is modern design while maintaining the required functionality.
We want our yachts characterize unique design and at the same time meet all the required features for comfortable and active leisure on bays and lakes, and also seas and marine bays in the country and abroad.
We offer a very wide range of accessories - containing many elements of the unprecedented in units of this class. Active participation at various trade fairs and exhibitions in the country and abroad allows us to track global trends. The latest solutions and technologies we are gradually implement into our design and manufacturing processes. Produced by our yachts are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of EU standards, which is confirmed by the CE mark.
From the very beginning of shipyard existence we take care to Cobrey brand was the determinant of the highest quality of used materials, fittings and finishes, that is why we work only with renowned national and foreign companies. COBREY... INSPIRED BY POWER… POWERED BY PASSION


Sales team in Cobrey shipyard is engaged in maintaining contacts with direct customers and dealers, who create Cobrey dealer network. We are always for disposal our potential customers and existing Cobrey yacht owners, in order to give you knowledge about our yachts, technical data, equipment and performance. We are waiting for your contact.
Cobrey motor yachts are designed entirely by our designer Alessandro Inno, just from the first sketch, shape and design of the hull, deck and liner to choice of equipment, materials and placement of each piece of equipment on yachts. Italian taste, design and elegant are evident in every element of our units. Our design office is created by a group of professionals, who work on very advanced 3D programs. Perfect performance of Cobrey yachts is hard work of professionals.
This department is responsible for most of the duties related to the organization of Cobrey shipyard 'life'. By organizing work in the shipyard we provide adequate workflow and management. We also take care in the broad concept of corporate interiors: hall, office, equipment and guided by the current needs of our organization.
Our logistics department is one of the key links in the entire Cobrey organiztion. We are here to ensure the continuity of stock management, optimize the flow of goods and the organization of transport in such way that yacht production was carried out according to production plan. Supply strategy implemented in shipyard is Just In Time.
Production of yacht is a complex technological process, that is why we make sure that each of stage of production process is realized precisely in accordance with the adopted production and supply specifications, documentation, technology and the highest quality.
Individualized approach to each manufactured yacht allows us to look in detailed and separately way on each project. Project Management Department is determined to effectively achieve the goal set by Cobrey customers.

Shipyard provides direct service of Cobrey yachts in our country. We review each notification and act as soon as possible, being always in constant contact with the customer. In emergency situations, we try to operate in 24 h to provide the best comfort to Cobrey owners.


Cobrey started its activity in 2004. From the very beginning shipyard has been working only with reputable suppliers on yacht market, like Mercruiser, Volvo Penta, Webasto, Raymarine, Osculati and many others who provide the highest quality products. like Mercruiser, Volvo Penta, Webasto, Raymarine, Osculati and many others who provide the highest quality products.

Already in the first year of Cobrey company presented with great success its first boat at the "Messe Hanseboot" in Hamburg - Cobrey 250 SC.
In years 2004-2010 Cobrey built its dealer network. Through active participation in international trade fairs company gained widely developed network of dealership.

In 2005, the first Cobrey 250SC stood on European waters. A year later there was the premiere of another model - the sports bowrider Cobrey 185BR. The following year, Cobrey 235CC joined the offer - a classic daycruiser.

The years 2005-2008 were a time of rapid development of shipyards in European markets and production improvement.

At the same time, another yacht model - Cobrey 260 SC has appeared, which quickly became the flagship model and with great success conquered the market.

In 2010, the company has started cooperation with the famous English designer in scope of 42-44 feet lenght elegant and comfortable flybridge yachts. It resulted in production of two Classic Line models - Cobrey 42 FLY and Cobrey 44 FLY. They form the Classic Line group.
The year 2012 is a breakthrough stage in the development of the shipyard - the shipyard then began cooperation with the world-famous Italian design studio Ino Group. Since then, all our projects have been comprehensively created in Italy - from modern hull structures to the smallest finishing elements.

The second generation of the brand is a completely new model line, initiated with the production of the Cobrey 33 HT model. Its premiere took place in 2014 at the Boot Duesseldorf fair.

The new yacht line quickly gained recognition on the yacht market, mainly due to the distinctive design and quality of the units.

From that moment, the yard's goal is to build a position in the Premium segment, in the yacht range of 28-70 feet.
After the noticeable success of the Cobrey 33HT model, confirmed by numerous awards, in 2015 it was time for the premiere of the smaller model of the second generation - Cobrey 28SC. It's a luxury sportcruiser that has been designed from the ground up and is built in 50-70-foot yacht technology.

Consistent implementation of the brand's strategy is the premiere in 2019 of the largest model so far - Cobrey 50FLY. The yacht is a milestone in strengthening the position of the Cobrey brand in the Premium segment.

We are currently working intensively on expanding the yacht offer with another 3 new models.


Cobrey boats and yachts production is a complex technological process, which consists many of stages. Each of them has its own assumptions, procedures, quality control checkpoints and an experienced team of professionals.
Shipyard implements the latest technology to constantly improve their products. We are aware that a high level of technology is visible in the final product, precision, as well as create a competitive advantage on the market.


Cobrey motor yachts characterized by very elegant but in the same time sporty design.

We always put special effort in design stage of our units. It is thanks to the beautiful lines of yachts, refine each element and usege of high quality materials are appreciated by our end customers.
Cooperation with the world-famous Italian design studio INO GROUP confirms that Cobrey cares about modern design of its yachts.

The unquestionable advantage of our yacht is individualism. Each yacht is produced on individual order. The customer chooses colors, veneers, materials and equipment used on the yacht. At the end every boat is different, unique and created especially for its owner. Let us build your dreams.
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